Women Sport Bra With Pockets For Insulin Pump, AnnaPS Black

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Women sport bra with pockets for insulin pump and/or diabetes devices.

Get free from your diabetes cases, carry your diabetes devices in clothes with integrated pockets!


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  • Sizes: XS–L. Minimum sizes are also suitable for teenage girls from 11 years old (158cm height). Please note, this product is large in size. Please consider ordering one size smaller.
  • Three integrated pockets placed vertically, on front, on the right and on the left side. The pocket has a wrap-around opening to be used for opening and closing the pocket from the outside.
  • Pocket model: Boxi2. The pocket has also an opening for the tubing from the inside. The tubing is easily placed on the inside of the garment. Pocket size: Length = 120 mm (4,7 inches), Width = 65 mm (2,6 inches), Depth = 30 mm (1,2 inches).
  • Colour: black.
  • Materials: 80% Polyamide, 20% Lycra.
  • Laundry: machine wash at 40 degrees (can be washed in 60 degrees if you like). Recommended to avoid tumbling as it reduces the life of the garment.

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